Self-esteem Related to Academic Development

Self-esteem Related to Academic Development


Managing Stress in School

It’s important to have self-control especially when we see our selves not being prepared for school or any situation.  Not being prepared doesnt make one feel good.  So imagine when your child goes into his classroom with slapy work, unprepared…how do you think his they is going to be as a result.   Wanting to crawl under table or chair.  School can be extremely stressful.  Especially if one comes unprepared to school every day.  And children are no different than adult when they feel stressed, the difference we adult no how to control ourselves but not the children.  So help feel prepared and ready to learn.

But are the parent teaching the kids how to cope with their frustration?  Are the parents teaching their children to stay focused on the task?  Prepared for the next day; homework is done, early to early to raise.

Again, as a mom, I was afraid to mess up raising my kids.  So I decided to take child development class as to help with the age-appropriate stage.    Yes, the class absolute helped, but I still make mistakes oh yes…  Now that they are an adult they tell where I when wrong.


When the students feel good and focus on their homework, and class activities.   They’ll feel better about themselves. They are less stressed and are able to perform on their quizzes and exams.


Esteem related to academic development in this case.  Help your children be prepared, stay on top of school activities.  This will improve their self-esteem.