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Brooklyn to Puertorico (Translated in Spanish)




Navegando El Sistem Educacional (Spanish)…



I am a writer. 


I am at service to those that have questions about how to promote education in their everyday life’s.  And yes, we are not all meant to sit down in a lecture hall!  I was a high school drop and went back to school I had to work hard.  But that is what wanted.  The same with this home business.  I want to be at service to other and tell you too can be part of the new technological revolution and start your online business.  I am here to shed light on that topic and others.

I understand that there is 12 intelligence according to Howard Gardner and we are bound to be aligned; one, two, three, all or none…of them and we tend demonstrated everyday life’s.  I  call it one’s talent and passion in whatever makes you smile and happy.

“Not happy? well then just be brave!”


I not only have iflapes.org I am also teaching blogging to those that are interested in learning and promoting my products, yours or affiliated.  Leave a comment.

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Health: I believe in staying fit. And I do promote  and weight loss diet plans 

I am still doing  Tachi twice week 30 minutes, walk and jog.  I like to work and stay active and that is why mental health is important to one’s livelihood.  We all must live a  thriving and vibrant life. Favorite drink Pure Water!

What I have found with Tachi that I alternate my weight from my leg to the and I feel the alignment I get with isolation as well as the balancing act I am performing.  Not easy.


Wealth: I believe in independent earnings as well dependent:  selling or trading.  Or making sure you training for a job you like from a company you love to wake up in the morning to go to work.

Personally, I have not retired from spending money.  I am looking to curtail expenses.  Immediately I/we looked to better cellphones and streaming t.v. deals as to minimize our expenditures.  And now using the online ideas to find a way to generate revenue; a passive income.  And I will like you to see how I am learning to do this…I want to stay home. And work with what I already am blessed with; specialization, I’m already have shared that knowledge by teaching in the classroom and writing book.  And yet I more value to add if that makes any sense. It’s is what is.  Have any questions about blogging, Health, Relationship and Wealth just leave a comment and I do some research and give you some ideas.

Well, I am focusing on what I am doing.  I not working outside of the house.  I about to sit at the social security office see how much I get, along with my teacher retirement package.  Then I will see what I have to make up.  Other than I am taking it one step at a day.  Early Retiring is my game.  Learning to Blog and teach those that want to learn by reading Why I became a blogger.  What is your’s your transformation and decision this year?  Take the challenge transform to the person you know you “ought to be.”

Relationship Yes I will be writing and promoting some wonderful ideas on how to love life because age is just a number.

It’s not greedy to have an expectation: dream you must, to me, it’s called faith and hope.  And yes I do like to build it… with a partner my children and grandchildren and friends and more family. Don’t be afraid to give and receive love.

And yes I have been married a long time.  I have to work at my marriage every day.  Sometimes is good and some days not so.  But I am a believer so I shelve the situation until the answer is staring at me the face.  Yes, Patience is a virtue.  That’s what I have learned in my life.


Yes, I am married my children are all grown up.  And have you heard the saying your children don’t belong to you?  They do to me because they are still with me. I also have a grandchild and about five grand dogs one grand puppy.


Yes, I have been married for a while and I an like any other person that loves life having a good relationship, wealth along with good health; by adding movement.  And Yes,  I work at staying in love with my husband and my family.  I am here, with them, because of HOW MUCH I LOVE I HAVE THEM!.  What about you? Any thoughts?





Emmy: Brooklyn to Puertorico (Volume 1)

May 31, 2017 | Large Print

by E Esmeralda Gonzalez G


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Emmy de Brooklyn a Puerto Rico: Emmy Books

(Emmy books used in schools to motivate students) (Volume 1) (Spanish Edition)

Jun 20, 2017| Large Print

by Mrs. Esmeralda Gonzalez and Esmeralda Gonzalez


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Navagando el sistema educacional de mi hijas e hijos Temprana Edad y Palvolaria: Un conducto hacia la educacion…

Nov 20, 2017

by Ms. Esmeralda Gonzalez
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My Child: 21 Century Learning Skills: How can my child learn to think creatively and critically, while at the same time learning to communicate and collaborate In and Out of the classroom?

Jun 23, 2016 | Large Print

by E Esmeralda Gonzalez G
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