Thank you for serving your family and community: AWARD PAGE

Story How this great idea started.    How can we at this World-Organization decided to recognize individuals for their perseverance in their lives and at work? I read this article and I thought of individuals that are actually authors of their own story by what they  did and doing.  Called Do-ers It was this article that inspired us to say in WRITTEN  WORDS and LOUDLY.

 Thank you to those that are EXTRA-DINER… in what you do

Keep it up…passing it on…

Thank you for serving your family and community

Recognizes Extraordinary Work

The purpose of feedback is to reinforce to these individuals have done with their lives and the impact that has made on their families and community they live in.

The institute had chosen words to give thank you to these five individuals.    I will also take the initiative to extend the invitation to others: FREE TO THOSE SUBSCRIBE to our app…If you know of someone that you feel needs to be recognized this is the site.

This way Instituto Fortaleza Familiar; iflap decided to acknowledge some special people… One individual that stands out is
  Dr. Navarro A. Navarro a professor and Consultant in education-policies worldwide and has been influential and an instrumental in how and why we started Instituto Fortaleza Familiar Logros Academicos Para Nuestra Hijas y Hijos.  Una tradition; this website.
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 Thank you for serving your family and community AWARD PAGE

The following are some example 

Whys   to Say Thank You  and How to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

See all forty ways to say thank you at work.

Their were 40 I cout down anything with rewarding with money…list a lot less…

Are you interested in ways to say thank you at Home, Friend, Relative  Work? One would hope so. In a home- community-workplace committed to creating an attitude of gratitude and person-individual-employee recognition on a daily basis, every day should be Thanksgiving Day.

Recognizing an individuals doesn’t have to be expensive and is appreciated by a loved one, neighbor,  employees in almost any form. Household, Community and Company leaders also appreciate a thank you from a family, individuals, employees as well.

When an organization takes time to recognize individuals giving VALUE TO LIFE; is an

Ideas about ways to say thank you when a job is well done. The ways are limited only by your imagination. The power of saying thank you is magnified when the action, gift, or interaction is accompanied with a thank you note or card.  These some of the examples that Susan gives in this Article…


Spoken Words

  • Just say, thank you—anytime, anyway, anyhow, and for any reason. Want to say more than thank you? Here’s how to give great feedback to employees at work. It’s very easy to say thank you in a way that makes employees feel valued and appreciated. Take the time to notice good contributions and successes. Daily feedback is best, weekly is admirable, but practice saying thank you nearly every day to some of your employees and coworkers. They and you will be happy that you took the time to care.

Written Words

  • Handwritten thank you notes
  • A letter of appreciation
  • Handwritten cards to mark celebratory occasions
  • Recognition posted on the employee bulletin board
  • Contribution noted in the company newsletter
  • Keep drawings on the light side, especially if only one employee can win, but quick, fun drawings are ways to say thank you.
  • Hold a drawing for company logoed merchandise and other inexpensive items, for things like most product sold, best customer service, a project completed, sales leads obtained and so forthSymbols and Honors
  • Framed or unframed certificates to hang on the wall or file
  • Engraved plaques
  • Larger work area or office
  • More and better equipment
  • Provide status symbols, whatever they are in your organization


Sr.  Mariano Vega-Auto Mechanic

Dr. Mariano agreglame el carro salutes your dedication and contrition to those in need of their cars, trucks, buses fixing them at a time in the spot… Dr. Mariano Agreglame el carro es self-taught A Civil Mechanic- Automobile technology. recognize you in the community. Pleae share if you agree.

Business Man: Florida/Puerto Rico

'Having family time'


Dr. Mariano agreglame el carro 


Sargent: Sr. Jorge, Laura, Jimmy Lao

recognizing  this power couple both have had a full career in the New York Area in and out of… Jorge Lao a Veteran of the Vietnam War; came back became a social worker for the welfare department the same with his lovely wife. Both Social Workers when Jorge decides he wants more I remember his test taking and when he received the letter the same with Jimmy (a while later) that he would be a working with the inmate in Raiges Island Detent jail. Jimmy did too; supervisor. Any way Jorge work for along there and decided he wanted to be a chef…even if his pay less than.  He chose the quality of life and stress-free passion.

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-social workers, kitchen chemistry:  New York/Fla.




Lic. Josuah Anihar;

Importance Of Voting: Why Should Every Citizen Vote? | Polling Place …

Voting is a fundamental right of any citizen that enables them to choose the leaders of tomorrow. In many countries, the minimum age for voting …


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 Union Leader Speaker Activist: California and his mom Professor Retired Arizona State Karen and Husband Pediatrician Surgeon Scott.



4. Esmeralda Santiago:

A Writing Life: Celebrated Puerto Rican writer Esmeralda Santiago will come to Americas Society to discuss her life and literary career in a public interview with New York Times writer Mireya Navarro. Santiago is the author of internationally acclaimed works and she will be…


Esmeralda Santiago: A Writing Life
Order her book here  Writer Esmeralda Santiago
  • Thank you for serving your family and community


     Recognizes Extraordinary Work

    ou to those that are EXTRA-DINER… Keep it up…passing it on…

Ins summary Instituto Fortaleza Familiar Recognize these individuals for being true to their passion and commitment to Education.