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Blogging Chronological events in this year starting with the summer, back to school and discussing how parents can guide their children to be the best at learning…

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 Back To School a Continuous blog this year 2018-19

Month of Agust

I am bilingual and love blogging in both languages 



Back to school is always difficult after a lovely summer.We are  discussing  three topics


  • Reminiscing about what we did over end Summer 201 and beginning ofschool
  • Back to school adjusting to school schedules
  •  Blogging ideas on how to communicate with our children when going to school

They are as follow…

 Reminiscing about what we did over the end of Summer 2018

So If you did something spectacular this summer please we’ll love to hear your adventure; please tell us your story.

Well, at the beginning of the summer my husband and I went visiting my daughter at Portland Orgon.  I had the most wonderful opportunity to visit a 200-acre farm.  Owned by a passionate 36-year-old woman that doesn’t know the meaning of the world no.  She hires a group of interns every summer and trains them how to keep a farm.  She teaches the students to be organized with their time,   how to plant and produce products to sell.  How to work with animals. How to sell meat in the market.  How to set up tables for the different vendor tables. Running advertisement so that events over the weekend are a success. etc.American Lifetime [Newest Version] Day Clock - Extra Large Impaired Vision Digital Clock with Battery Backup & 5 Alarm Options - White

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According to my daughter, she wakes every early.  Depending on the chores she has to tend too.  Animals, planting, watering, cleaning etc.  Farm’s wakeup at 4:30 in the morning, not 10:30 am.


The street was closed in Newport Oregon for the farms market as to meet the public. Not the trip to Seattle Washington to was to visit a friend and check their self-sustainable living arrangement.  After Maria’s storm in the Island of Puerto Rico I am totally advocating for these types of careers; go green. Environmental science, agriculture, engineering, etc…

The Urban Farmer: Growing Food for Profit on Leased and Borrowed Land



Seattle Washington to be continued… We visited my husband long time friend from HarvarUniversity.  I loved her place, she too was into solar panels, renewable fuel, gardening, and canning.  They have about 12 acres.  Both again reminded me of the midwest in some ways.  I glad I went to visit my daughter and friends.

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Urban Flowers: Creating abundance in a small city garden

How to have urban flowers in your aptment




Going to Oregon and seeing the big kids take care of that was exciting.  It made feel good I had started my

urban gardening my self…actuallly it was my husband handy work…

Before I knew it we got back home to L.A. County.  And by end of August, it was back to school for all of us.

This way I love the story I have written below.  I think it ‘s too adorable.


Back to School Adjusting to a schedules

Back to school can be difficult to adjusting to school schedules and getting up in the mornings.


once upon atime there was mom asking her daughter  to get up

( Humor)

The mom call out X3 times the mom to the daughter:   goes into the daughter’s room… it’s 4:17 am in the morning: ( Picture this…) the mom tell the daughter!

“Get up! you will be late for school!”


The daughter replies: ” I don/t want to go to school, I don’t want to go to school!

again, mom knocks on the room, time to go to school!   Or you will get there late,

daughter!  Just a little longer.

“OOOOhhhh I don’t want to go to school, I want to stay home!


“Get up you can’t stay home!

Daughter “you can’t stay home,  you’re the principle of the school and you can’t be late!!

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Yeap that how principles and teachers feel.   They are human too. Ok so I got to the classroom, I happen to be a chameleon I can teach 12th-grade more content to Early childhood development.

Back to the same classroom next da

ECE called; 15 kids and one little girl cried.

I thought it was interesting, and I am the guest with tons of observation methods…mom left pretty; think it was her strategy.  Well, the little cried for about 15-20min.  We all invited the child to the site, to eat breakfast and nothing.

Imagine; she was just left standing watching mom leave.  She was shivering and cold her hair was still wet. Short pants, and sleeves.  The air conditioner in the classroom was on.  Her nose was dripping.    I help with wiping her running nose.  And comforting her.

What is wrong with this picture:

Mom knew the regular teacher was out.  I thought it interested how she didn’t look and went straight to the door.  As if she knew her daughter was going start crying.    I asked the aid if mom had said anything to her she said no.   Basically deescalating the child emotional behavior.  I can see that works.  We ignore. Especially if the student plants be educated.

Phone charge with digital clock

I  went back to the same classroom the next day.  Ok if you said that it was a strategy what the mom had done, you are right.  Even if it sounded or looked cruel.

Moral of the story…The classroom was cold.   The child was cold.  The child did not dress properly or underdress.  So please make sure the kids have t-shirts under the clothing. Because of the air conditioner in the classroom in the classroom are controlled at the district.  And yes, the kids because it’s California a hot outside and air conditioning inside tends to get one sick with the sniffles.

If you like washing the child’s hair make sure it’s not too damp hair when they get to school. Especially the girls with long hair make they have a sweater in the backpack no matter.

Ok, to complete the story, so the little girl yesterday cried for 15 minutes and today 5 minuter.  I also had one of the aids watch out for her.  I did let mom know she was doing better.  And reminded mom of the air condition and how it can get very in cold the classroom and to please dress the child appropriately…

Finally, this why I find Blogging ideas on how to communicate with our children when going to school and preparing them to be successful is important.


Ideas on how to communicate with our children when going to school

This blog is for parents who want ideas onhow to communicate with their daughters and sons about their education. We plan vacations for our children, then why not supervise them in what subjects, schools, and universities they are interested in… And if we do not start supporting them from now then you are leaving them alone to do these decisions on their own.

Again: my goal to edit the website in English and Spanish.  Thank you for the patients…the website is still under construction.